Durable Dog Beds by Fireside Hound

Our Guarantee

Our business started in Maryland’s Amish country. In these parts, business is still done with an honest word and a handshake. Our durable dog beds are carefully inspected to ensure quality, and we stand by our product with the same honor that we see represented in the Amish communities we work with. Consider this guarantee our handshake, a promise to you that should our product not live up to standards, we will make it right.

Lifetime Warranty

We stand behind our dog beds and customer satisfaction is our number one goal. All Fireside Hound products come with a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer defect. Whether it’s an item arriving damaged, or a seam that pops ten years from now, you’re covered. When we promise quality, we mean quality for life.

Repair or Replace

Our products are made to be as durable as nature allows. They are resistant to pet tampering, but they are not indestructible. Accidents happen, and our dearest four-legged friends can be unpredictable. While our Lifetime Warranty doesn’t extend to pet damage, we don’t want you to have to purchase an entirely new dog bed because of one bad day. We’d like to help!

Is it Repairable?

Fill out the form below and we will send you a return slip. Mail the slip in with the damaged cover, (not the contents) and we will have one of our seamstresses do a repair at a reasonable cost. We will ship it back to you, suitable for service once again.

Need a replacement?

If the item we receive is too damaged to repair, we will send you a code for 30% off the purchase of a replacement. Consider this our thank you for buying a Fireside Hound product. Customer loyalty is the highest praise we can receive!

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Email: Info@Firesidehound.com

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